Juno Temple, photographed by Rankin for Rankin’s F*CK Y*U, 2014.

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“When there’s an imbalance between what exists and what is allowed to be visible, people are hurting. To exist and to not be allowed to be visible is one of the most terrible things there are for a human […] What I do with my sexual organs is actually unimportant. But it’s important to me to say that this exists, and you out there who are like this, you exist too.”

Ola Salo, speaking about representation and bisexuality, in 2001 (x)

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Every Character I LoveTessa Altman (Suburgatory)

“Pretty ironic that a box full of rubbers landed me in a town full of plastic.”

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jeremy allen white is on this svu episode and he gets sexually aroused by fire im laughing

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You know, a lot of people, they voted him (Chris Meloni) the best butt. I don’t

know if you heard this?

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the autumnal colour spectrum

(photos by rob herr, richard shilling, ryan connors, evie jaye, mr. dale)

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I passed a flower shop next to a tattoo shop and at first I laughed because I thought it was ironic and then i freaked because IMAGINE YOUR OTP IN A FLORIST/TATTOO ARTIST AU

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"Because I never saw my mother again she remains an absence to me, an empty space, an invisible half-remembered ghost. So even now I catch myself thinking that I’d run into her some day, like I’d be at a stop light, look over at the car next to me and there she’ll be. Scowling at me with disproval. Or I’ll spot her across on a crowded street or a train station. We’ll run towards each other like in one of those cheesy tv movies. She’ll hug me like a long lost lover then take my face into her long graceful hands, look me in the eyes and say: 'I'm here Kat, I'm here'.”

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