raise your hands if you have jealousy issues and although u try your hardest not to be like ‘i liked the thing first’ you still get mad upset sometimes

unforeseen. lomomero’ shot with/ ile çekildi: Canon EOS 550D — at Hom.

actual ray of sunshine Aidan Turner

dedicated to Dhushi

Title: Little Dysfunk You
Artist: The Ark
Album: Prayer for the Weekend
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I know many who are worse off than you
But you stick to your fuck-ups like they’re made out of glue
Little dysfunk you, now what you gonna do?
Your eyes are watery, your mouth made for joy
Always quoting Morrisey but did you ever do it with a boy?
I’ve got a mouth for joy

Harry Potter and the…

Title: On Melancholy Hill
Artist: Gorillaz
Album: Plastic Beach
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Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

So call in the submarine 
Round the world we’ll go 
Does anybody know 
If we’re looking out on the day of another dream